What is "Joy to knit" and how it was born?

My name is Anete Bāriņa - I'm a mom of three (twin girls and a boy!) and creator of "Joy to knit". I graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Latvian University and have a bachelor's degree in Cultural and social anthropology studies.

My hobby is knitting!

The idea about the "Joy to knit" notebook came to me one sleepless night when my twin girls were only four months old. I have dedicated every free moment of my time to complete this idea to fruition. The "Joy to knit" notebook is my heart's delight and a hobby!

The first (but not the last!) notebook I created is "Joy to knit" for crafters. The main aim of the notebook is to structure knitting project notes. We organized project pages to be easy to read, and all information about the project is in one place. The notebook has a discbound opening system; it makes it easy to remove pages, change the location of pages, and add additional pages if necessary. You can buy different sets of pages according to your needs and wishes. We offer dot grid, grid, millimeter grid pages, white pages, additional project sets, and stickers so you can make your notebook in your own style. We also offer handmade knitting /crochet "delicious" markers.

I'm delighted to share with you this unique notebook. I invite you to become the author of your "Joy to knit" today. 

Take a breath from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sit down, and give yourself the joy of making, writing down your knitting plans and accomplishments!


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